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Landscaper: Al Gracian in Tree in California Al's Landscaping is owned by Al Gracian II, a Landscaper with decades of experience in Indiana, PA. Thank-you for considering me as your landscape designer and installer. I have a long record of landscaping in Indiana surrounding areas for over 30 years now. With a reputation for quality and honesty, I offer both residential & commercial designs.

My history as a Landscaper began when I was 6 years old. My father was a Landscaper and he trained his 4 boys to be Landscapers. Being raised in Southern California, we worked in areas like Hollywood, Brentwood and Beverly Hills. We worked for famous people like Gregory Peck and Christopher Mitchem.

In High School, I focused on Horticulture and Woodworking courses. I started my own business in my Senior year, working out of the L.A. area. I graduated in 1974 and soon joined the Navy. After completion of my 2 year Military tour, I got married and resumed my Landscaping Career.

A Lifetime of Landscape Experience

Learn more about my history as a landscaper in this interview with my son.

The Move to Western PA

Al Gracian: Landscaping with Bezeks Nursery In 1978 we moved to Johnstown, PA. My first job was for Bezek's Nursery. I worked as a Foreman for 1 full season. Then we spent a few years preparing the way for our family.

By 1983 I was ready to go out on my own again. I began working out of Indiana, PA. This was the true start on Al's Landscaping. My clientele included Indiana residents like, Jim Cook, the Gatti's, the Kuzneski's, the Kovalchick's, the Delaney's and the Spadafor's. Clients such as these help me to receive PA State certification as a Landscape Contractor, a Landscape Architect and Landscape Designer.

Al Gracian in Skid-steer with Son Miguel In addition to basic lawn maintenance and tree removal, the construction aspect of my business included complete landscape installation. I've always made good use of heavy machinery when preparing job sites. Many of these required adjusting grade elevations, installing French drains, terracing yards, and installation of many lawns.

I've created walls made from landscaping timbers, railroad ties, cut barn stone and natural field stone. I've also designed and created many styles of brick sidewalks, driveways and patios, using a variety of brick types and patterns. Through the years, I've designed and installed all sorts of custom decks and various types of fences.

In 1992 I was gained certification with the state as a minority business enterprise. As a landscape contractor I received recognition in landscaping, including designing, planting, etc.. Shown below you can see my 1994 renewal certificate:

Minority Business Enterprise
In 1994 I was hired as a Lead Supervisor under employment of Butler Landscaping of Pittsburgh, PA. Many of our jobs were of a very large scale and required use of detailed blue prints. Our projects were often subcontracted and required good coordination with other contractors. After 3 or 4 years of driving to Pittsburgh my desire to design and construct my own projects brought me back to the Indiana area.

And so for the last several years now, I've been adding beauty and enjoyment to various customers' homes. I no longer do lawn care but instead I focus on designing unique walls, patios, sidewalks and colorful landscapes tailored to each customer's needs.